Efficient Battery Scrap Disposal

We know the most important concern you may be facing is "How we dispose of your battery scrap". Our customized solutions maximize our client's revenue while minimizing the impact on the planet.

Our multiple market strategies allow us to pay more for your battery scrap. We use state of the art technology to recondition battery scrap and get them back in the hands of consumers. This means less batteries headed to land fills making it safer for our future.

Through our advanced technologies approximately 80% of the battery scrap we receive may be reused. Once they have been reconditioned properly they go through a multitude of tests to ensure the battery scrap may be reused.

Our advanced process makes us one of the most efficient methods of recycling battery scrap. Battery scrap is not biodegradable, Improper battery scrap disposal can be very harmful for the environment. They contain large amounts of toxic material that will seep into soil and contaminate our water supply. It may also cost your company millions in fines, clean up costs and bad publicity.

Current battery recycling methods require a very high amount of energy. It takes up to ten times the amount of energy to reclaim metals from recycled batteries than it would through other means. Our method tries to minimize this effect by reconditioning batteries. So you not only help save pollution problems but also save energy by doing so.

Protecting the environment is everyone's duty and responsibility. Our facility not only helps you achieve that, we pay you to do it. With GoGreenBattery you will find peace of mind that you are helping minimize the impact on the world, helping to create a brighter and cleaner tomorrow.

We Make Logistics Fun!

Whether you personally deliver the products to our Southern California location, or have us arrange the shipping. We will make it as hassle free as possible.

We can cater to most shipping methods, and you can even have us arrange the shipping of your products.

Excess Inventory Wanted!

We are currently looking for Remotes, AC Adapters, Integrated Circuits, Cables and any other Large Quantity of excess inventory with resell value.